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Revolutionary “New” Pain-Free Injection

added on: January 10, 2012

Jackson Creek Dental Group announced today that they are now offering patients a revolutionary new pain-free injection called Onset, a product of Onpharma.

Jackson Creek Dental Group Offers Revolutionary  “New” Pain-Free Injection“We know dental injections are a source of anxiety for many patients,” said Dr. Ron Ask, DDS at Jackson Creek Dental Group, “which is why we are so excited about Onset. We saw the great benefits for our patients and captured the opportunity to become one of the first in the country to use this new state-of-the-art product. Now our patients don’t need to let the fear of pain from an injection keep them or someone they love from putting off dental care.”

Onset does away with the common “bee sting” effect of local anesthetic, Dr. Ask said, which is caused by acidity in the anesthetic that does not match the body’s own ph levels. Using a patented, revolutionary device, Onset combines, or ‘buffers’, the anesthetic with sodium bicarbonate – the main ingredient found in baking soda. This buffered anesthetic
strikes the perfect ph balance in the body, resulting in a pain-free injection. In addition, numbness occurs almost immediately with Onset, resulting in reduced pre-treatment waiting time and shorter dental appointments.

“With this new product I felt no discomfort at all during the injection, and immediately upon completion of the procedure I could feel my teeth,” quoted Nanci Robinson, patient at Jackson Creek Dental Group. “I think that this new buffered anesthetic works very well.”

Dr. Dwight Simpson, DDS at Jackson Creek Dental Group stated “My patients have all told me that the new Onset injection works amazingly fast and is pain-free. They always want to know what I did because they never felt a thing. My procedures are consistently shorter and anesthesia is so much more predictable. I’m having to use much less anesthetic to get profound anesthesia, so it wears off faster after the procedure is complete.”

Anyone interested in learning more about Onset can call Jackson Creek Dental Group at (209) 223-2712 to speak with a member of our professional dental staff. “We look forward to continuing to provide our patients with the best in dental care, and now with pain-free injections as well,” stated Dr. Ask.

Jackson Creek Dental Group offers a full range of advanced, comprehensive dental specialties, from general care, periodontal care and orthodontics to cosmetic dentistry, smile design and full mouth reconstruction.

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