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Diagnosing and Treating Gum Disease in Jackson, CA

With Advanced Technology and a Gentle Touch

Over 85 percent of the population has some level of gingivitis or periodontal disease. But because this disease is so elusive and difficult to detect, most don’t even know it.

If any level of periodontal disease is diagnosed in your regular dental exam and hygiene visit, we will recommend a course of perio therapy for you.

Jackson Creek Dental Group offers advanced periodontal therapy that gently and effectively treats the infected and/or inflamed tissue, tooth supporting bone, tooth sockets and ligaments associated with gum disease.

Through the use of precise hand instrumentation, ultrasonic scalers and antibiotics, we can diagnose, treat, control and, much of the time, reverse periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease is a lot like diabetes or high blood pressure. You may never get rid of the disease completely, but when you control it, you can keep your smile for a lifetime.

Periodontal Therapies Offered by Jackson Creek Dental Group

Palliative Care is recommended to relieve and soothe the symptoms of periodontal disease, including inflamed gums, abscesses and plaque build-up before diagnosis and periodontal therapy can begin.

Scaling in the presence of inflammation is recommended for gingivitis. Symptoms of gingivitis include change in gum color, inflammation of gums, but no loss of attachment or bone. Scaling removes plaque and bacteria from the gums and returns the gum tissues to normal. Following scaling treatment, the healthy gums can be maintained by preventive care and excellent home care.

Periodontal Therapy provides treatment for gum disease. The procedure includes removing tartar and build-up and smoothing the root surface; removing any diseased gum tissue, which allows the gum to hold tight against the bone; and oral irrigation to kill any bacteria beneath the gums.

4-week Periodontal Therapy provides re-evaluation of soft tissue and how responsive the gums are to healing following treatment. If necessary, additional calculus (tartar) will be removed, root surfaces smoothed, inflamed tissue controlled and the teeth polished. Oral irrigation will be done again to kill bacteria.

Periodontal Maintenance delivers regular gum treatment, to the depth of the pockets where a toothbrush never touches, to sustain and promote health following periodontal therapy.

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