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Patient Education

Learn About Jackson Creek Dental Group

At Jackson Creek Dental Group, we want you to make the best decisions for your dental health care. But we realize that you can only make those decisions when you are well-informed and educated! In an effort to help you learn all you can about certain dental treatments and their benefits, we have created a variety of videos for your use. It is our hope that the information presented here will help you make the most appropriate decisions for your smile, your health and your life!

Information and handouts for patients:

Oral Piercings
New Braces Information
What are Levy Lingual Ledges?
Implant Retained Dentures
Dental Implant Informational Booklet
Impacted Teeth
Happy Visits – Your Baby’s First Visit
Gingivitis Patient Education
Orthodontic Retainer Instructions
Diabetes and Your Oral Health
Dental Radiation and Your Body
Routine Hygiene Keeps the Doctor Away
Healthy Mouths Makes Us Smile
Different Types of Hygiene Visits
How to Get White Smile Power
White vs Silver Fillings
Where Smiles Start – First Visits and Fluoride
Water or Coke? Interesting Facts
What is a Twin Block Appliance?
Temporary Crown Instructions
Sweet Tooth
Sodas and Teeth = A Rotten Mixture
Rhinomanometry (Airway Analysis)
What is a Restorative or Orthodontic Workup?
Regenerative Periodontal Therapy
The Benefits of Periodontal Maintenance
Orthodontics at Jackson Creek Dental Group


Information and handouts for dentists:

Opening the Vertical Dimension – Made Simple – by Ron M. Ask, DDS


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