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For Dentures That Look, Feel and Function Just Like Natural Teeth

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“Dr. Ask did a tremendous job on my smile. (Oh, by the way I have a full set of dentures). New dentures were made that gave me the more natural look instead of the humdrum every day looking dentures. I can now smile and laugh with confidence.”


Are you missing teeth? Do you wear uncomfortable dentures? The dentures created by the dentists at Jackson Creek Dental Group do more than restore your mouth to health and function. They restore your confidence.

Through patient input, we will fabricate dentures that are personally created to fit you. Custom-made to fit securely in your mouth, our dentures look, feel and function just like natural teeth, allowing you to eat, speak and smile freely.

For the ultimate in confidence, comfort and function, we also offer implant-retained dentures. These dentures are securely held in place by dental implants. Implants are small titanium posts that are surgically implanted into your jaw. Once the bone and tissues heal around the implants, a denture is custom-fitted. The denture is firmly held in place by the implants.

Don’t endure the discomfort or embarrassment of missing teeth or ill-fitting dentures for one more day. Call us to schedule your denture appointment.

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