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Tooth-Colored Fillings Restore Cavities

And Disappear in Your Smile!

At Jackson Creek Dental Group, in Jackson, CA, we use only white fillings to restore teeth to health and appearance. Safer, more attractive alternatives to silver-mercury, these fillings, made of composite resin, virtually disappear in the teeth, creating a natural-looking smile.

White Fillings versus Silver Fillings

  1. Silver-amalgam fillings have been used for the last 100 years. They have saved literally millions of teeth. While their benefit cannot be underestimated, current research and technology have shown a better alternative.
  2. Silver fillings have been found to break down at the edges after around 10-20 years, due to their inherent weakness. The larger the silver filling is, the faster this happens. This causes leakage and then decay around and under the old filling. This decay is usually not visible on an x-ray.
  3. Expansion of aging silver fillings causes fractures throughout the teeth. Many fractures become deep, especially after a number of years. The tooth can then break apart or may abscess, due to the cracks going into the nerve.
  4. Silver fillings only “plug the hole.” They do not reinforce the tooth or strengthen it in any way. White fillings bond to the tooth structure with almost the same strength as natural tooth structure holds to itself. White fillings strengthen the tooth and help prevent its fracture.
  5. Teeth with these larger, aging silver fillings will eventually need crowns if not held together is some way. Placing a bonded white filling will save the cost of more extensive and costlier treatment in the future.
  6. Current research shows that the latest generation of bonded white fillings have proven to wear “as well or better” than silver fillings (10 year study by Dr. Gordon J. Christensen, Clinical Research Associates, Provo, UT).
  7. Silver-amalgam fillings are composed of 50% mercury and other heavy metals. These metals have been banned for use as fillings in the mouth in England, Germany and Sweden. They have also been banned in Canada for use in pregnant women and all children.
  8. Our patients think tooth-colored fillings are beautiful, just as if they grew there from the beginning. Our office has tremendous experience with this technology. We have been placing these beautiful restorations for over 20 years. This is how we have restored our own teeth!

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