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The Administrative Team at Jackson Creek Dental Group

Providing Quality Service for Amador County, Calaveras County, San Joaquin County, El Dorado County, Sacramento County, and many more

Trina, Chief Operations Manager

Trina joined us in 2010, bringing over 13 years of dental experience to our office in the areas of administrative and clinical support, management, administrative and training.  Prior to that she was a Field Account Manager for Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. where, in her division, was named top sales person of the year 5 years in a row. Her dedication, passion and management expertise have added great value to our organization. One of Trina’s goals is to serve others to create “wins” for both patients and employees, and she strives to do this every day.

Outside of the dental office, Trina devotes her time to her family and being the best “Mema” to her 4 grandchildren and sharing her love of the outdoors with them.

Mackenzie, Chief Relations Manager

Mackenzie joined the team in 2020 and immediately fit right in. Before she came to our office, she worked with adults that had intellectual disabilities. She worked for a non-profit organization where they supported individuals in creating a quality life they could be proud of while giving back to their community. She first worked as an Administrative Coordinator, so you used to see her friendly face at the front desk or possibly filling in for a Coordinator. She now assists Trina with office systems and at the company events in our community. Her goal is “To excel within the company while exceeding patient’s expectations and making positive impressions.”

Mackenzie loves the family-like culture that our office has and is excited to be part of a positive change for others, creating Smiles For Life at Jackson Creek Dental Group.  She is very friendly and wants to build relationships with the people that share our community.  When Mackenzie is not working hard, she has many hobbies including, boating, going to the ocean, spending time with her animals, camping, swimming, playing card games, 4×4 trucks, buggies, quads, etc. She also enjoys movies, music, traveling, and just spending quality time with her family.

Mary, Insurance Coordinator

Mary brings over 30 years of dental experience to her new job as Insurance Coordinator.  She most recently was the Supervisor/Patient Coordinator for Dr. Frey at Amador Dental Specialties where she worked for over two years.  She graduated from Merced Community College in Merced, CA and began her career as an RDA for a periodontist in Merced.  Over the years Mary discovered she had a true passion for accounting and started a new dental career in the administrative side of dentistry at Kids Care Dental Group in Sacramento, holding the position of Billing Office Manager/Administrator.

After moving to Amador County, Mary did a lot of research about local dental offices and liked the idea that employees had been working here at Jackson Creek Dental Group for a long time which meant that the doctors really treated their patients and employees right.  She was looking for a practice that she could have a long term commitment with, one that was progressive and one she could share her extensive dental experience with.

Mary likes being outdoors, spending a lot of time hiking, camping, gardening and traveling. She tells us her next big trip will be to see the sights in Germany.


Cris, Administrative Coordinator

Cris grew up in Watsonville, CA, which is near Santa Cruz. Cris went to California of the Arts and obtained a bachelors degree in Industrial Design. Cris joined the practice October of 2022. She is a wonderful asset to the company with her never ending smile and positivity.

She loves the arts and enjoys working with her hands. Despite her art background she loves to help people and this is why she enjoys working at Jackson Creek Dental Group. Cris is constantly growing professionally and personally. You may see her at he front desk welcoming patients or sitting at a patients coordinators desk checking patients out. She is so versatile in the tasks she preforms. She even speaks Spanish! Cris works hard to learn as much as she can just to help others in the office.

Cris enjoys beading, jewelry, crystals, crafts, crochet, building bouquets and even learning how to taxidermy.


Alyssa, Administrative Coordinator

Alyssa was traveled as child and lived in North Carolina, Georgia, Wisconsin, Nevada and landed in California after High School. Alyssa went to school to become a Aesthetician and has always had a passion for helping others feel confident in their own skin. Alyssa came to Jackson Creek Dental Group in June of 2023. Alyssa hopes to learn as much as possible to thrive individually but also be able to make jobs easier on her co worker and for the patients she is helping.

Alyssa sees herself living a successful, happy, healthy life with herself and two kids, while providing stability for herself. Alyssa feels that her days go by so quickly do to her always staying busy. Alyssa is so welcoming, compassionate and hardworking woman who we are overjoyed to have support our patients in getting a smile for life.



Isabela, Administrative Coordinator

Isabela, also known as Issy, is a positive open minded person. She loves to help everyone in the office with a smile on her face. Issy loves animals, soccer, a good soup/ramen, and reading. Issy shares how she loves the welcoming presence the office has and how helpful everyone is. Cool fact: Issy has a Lady Certificate to her own castle in Ireland. Issy is always full of fun facts and even does our jokes and riddles board for our staff.

Issy would one day like to volunteer for runs in the areas such as 5k, 10k or even an Ironman. Issy enjoys crocheting, running, hiking, fishing, Lego’s, Star Wars, Harry Potter and reading. Issy is always up to something fun! When is not going out on adventures with her boyfriend and fur babies, you will see you at the front desk with a smile on her face.


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