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It’s Time to Celebrate National Apple Month

added on: September 20, 2016

September is National Apple Month! Did you know that apples are jammed packed with nutrients, fiber and water that are good for your body and your teeth? Due to their mildly acidic nature, they act as a mild astringent to your teeth and can aid in cleansing and brightening the teeth. Even though they are tooth-friendly, they still have sugar and acid in them which can cause damage if left on the teeth too long. After eating an apple, swish your mouth with water and wait about 30 minutes to actually brush your teeth.

If you and your children drink apple juice, make sure you do not sip on it for long periods of time and try to drink it only during mealtimes. You should follow the same steps after you are done drinking – swish with water and brush your teeth. So stock up on fresh apples and enjoy all of their healthy benefits, but remember to brush when you are done!


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