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World Oral Health Day – Focusing on Good Oral Health

added on: March 20, 2015


Today is World Oral Health Day and countries around the world are celebrating lifelong oral health with a ‘Smile for life’. This is a time to focus on good oral health and raise the awareness of how the health of teeth and gums can affect the whole body and influence the course of diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

A good, preventative oral health regime includes brushing your teeth at least twice a day, flossing and visiting your dentist/hygienist twice a year for regular cleanings and dental check-ups.

Other preventative measures include reducing your intake of sugary food and drinks, especially carbonated beverages. When you eat or drink something sugary, the bacteria in the plaque (the sticky film that keeps forming on your teeth) feed on the sugar and together they release acid that damages the tooth enamel.

Then to compound the problem, you have the acid in the carbonated beverage (even diet ones) that de-mineralizes and softens the tooth enamel so it is worn away and abraded. By paying close attention to how often you consume sugary foods and drinks, the number of acid attacks on the teeth can be reduced. Try limiting their consumption to meal times. The worst thing you can do is sip on sugary drinks or soda for many hours. Substitute water for them.

Other preventative measures you can take towards improving your oral health include cutting tobacco use and reducing consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Take time to consider your oral health and bring a smile to everyone around you. Happy World Oral Health Day!

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