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KöR® Whitening Promotion at 30% Off Regular Price

added on: June 27, 2012

If you are too embarrassed to smile, have dark stained teeth, or just simply want a whiter smile, Jackson Creek Dental Group is offering the latest in teeth whitening technology, the KöR® Whitening Deep Bleaching at 30% off regular prices from now until September 30, 2012.  This new whitening system offers predictability, effectiveness, and longevity of effect with little or no complaints about sensitivity by patients. 

KöR Whitening offers permanent results – the whitest, brightest smile for life with very little maintenance.

 “This powerful KöR Whitening system is so effective that it can even whiten difficult tetracycline stained teeth and teeth with fluorosis (white spots), which has been nearly impossible to do before,” said Dwight Simpson, DDS at Jackson Creek Dental Group.  “My patients have seen dramatic color changes as a result of using KöR Whitening, with little to no discomfort or sensitivity.  This new whitening system even rejuvenates older teeth back to their youthful ability to whiten incredibly well, even if you’re 90 years old.” 

 Dr. Simpson noted that, like other whitening products, KöR Whitening will not whiten crowns, veneers or composites.  If you have any of these on your front teeth, you may need to replace some of them after whitening.                      

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