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Children’s Dentistry in Jackson, CA

A Smile That Lasts a Lifetime Needs an Early Start

At Jackson Creek Dental Group, we offer children’s dentistry because we firmly believe that this is when and where prevention starts.

After all, a smile that will last a lifetime requires a healthy – and early – start. In fact, kids can begin to receive dental care as early as three years of age.

You should start caring for your child’s gums and teeth at birth. Gently wipe your baby’s gums with a soft, wet cloth or gauze pad after feeding to remove excess food and bacteria.

When teeth first appear, clean them with a soft, small toothbrush twice a day. Once the teeth start to touch each other, introduce daily flossing with your assistance.

When your child is around the age of three (or sooner if you see dark spots on the teeth) it is time to schedule your child’s first dental visit with the doctors at Jackson Creek Dental Group. When scheduling your child’s first visit to the dentist, try to make it at the time of day your child is most rested and cooperative. You might want to read a story about a trip to the dentist or play dentist by taking turns looking inside each other’s mouths. If you feel your child is showing signs of being anxious about his or her visit, it may be best to schedule a “Happy Visit.” This visit allows the parents to bring the child to the dentist for an introduction and “tour” of the office where the child gets to ride on the chair, play with the air and water, and see what some of the dental instruments look like. It’s also a time when we can educate the parents about taking care of their child’s oral health needs.

With so many amazing advancements in pediatric dentistry, such as protective sealants that prevent decay, your child has a better chance than ever to enjoy a smile for life.


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