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Orthodontics in Jackson, CA

Orthodontic Treatment for Children and Adults Because Everyone Deserves a Straight Smile!

Everyone wants a straight smile. But if you weren’t lucky enough to be born with one, don’t worry. Orthodontics offers the science and artistry to give you a straight smile that not only enhances your appearance, but improves your health and comfort as well.

Our responsibility is to provide the very latest orthopaedic and orthodontic services available. To help you have a SMILE FOR LIFE. We take that responsibility very seriously!

All the doctors at Jackson Creek Dental Group have had, and continue to have, extensive training (approximately 3-5 times the amount required by the State of California) since graduating from dental school. We are all general dentists, not specialists in orthodontics. Since we provide a wide range of services, we are more aware of all the different specialties and can handle many and varied difficult problems for the same patient, including orthopaedic (skeletal), orthodontic (teeth alignment), temporal mandibular joint (TMJ), cranial mandibular (temporal, maxilla and mandibular), and musculoskeletal (headaches) problems.

The doctors at Jackson Creek Dental Group all belong to the Motherlode Professional Study Group where we share the latest and best techniques with fellow general dentists, periodontists, oral surgeons and orthodontists.

At the consultation appointment, we will explain the skeletal and tooth alignment problems in the three different planes:

  1. Vertical plane (deep bite versus open bite)
  2. Horizontal plane (wide or narrow dental arches)
  3. Saggital plane (retruded or protruded upper or lower jaws or teeth).

Also, we will discuss any crowding problems or lack of space for erupting teeth.

The majority of the time, we will treat the skeletal problems first. The more severe the problems, the sooner we should treat them. We have treated 4-year-olds with severe retruded jaw problems or crossbites with tremendous success. Skeletal problems are usually best treated with removable or “functional” type appliances.

Sometimes, fixed braces will be needed early (before all the permanent teeth are in, at approximately age 11-12), however, at Jackson Creek Dental Group, this is kept to a minimum because it necessitates being in fixed braces much longer. We think being in fixed braces over 24 months is unacceptable, contributing to decay and gum problems.

After all the permanent teeth are in, phase 2 treatment will be needed approximately 90% of the time to properly level, align, rotate, tip, and torque the teeth. This will help provide the best smile you can have! When the skeletal problems are mostly handled in the first phase, our goal is to have the braces on no longer than 12-18 months. Much of the time, with the full cooperation of our patients, we are able to have the braces off in 12 months!

A retention phase, after the braces, is almost always required for best stability.

Your responsibility is to:

  1. Understand and become excited about how a beautiful smile will change your life.
  2. Be responsible about your appointments.
  3. Communicate any questions or concerns as they occur.
  4. Be responsible about the finances.

Thank you for trusting us with your smile and allowing us to provide you with the latest orthodontic services available, so you will have a smile for life.

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